Who we are?

The image of Pericles: a man who has created one of the best society that ever existed.
We want to believe it’s true.

In fact, from slavery in the time of Pericles, after 2400 years we are  not yet exited and Western society has not yet succeeded in finding a balance. Western civilization drives to zero level  the well-being, the  culture and the social peace. When we were below the zero level, until 1700, our civilization carried us upwards to zero. Now that over a period of a century we had risen above zero, our civilization is providing clear negative signals and we’re transported  back to zero again.

For workers, slavery is still somewhat around.  Homo homini lupus indeed.

New ideas, new approaches are needed.

On this site, everyone will be able to enter comments that will be read by a moderator.
The name Jurassic symbolize the fact that we are trying to change the realities that are unchanged from the mists of time. The name also recalls the oaths, although the term comes from the Jura Mountain range.
P.S.:  the site Jurassic already did exist, so we decided for Giurassic to maintain the relationship with the italian one.

Email:          ernesto.giorgi@gmail.com

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