41 A normalization of the PAC

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According to the earlier script example, hence omitted for various steps, we can now understand how one can get a kind of identity profile for a person, such as some other details, that is:

1. normal profile.

2. conditions rekated to kind of deviation.

3. deviations from the path.

4. Collections completed and/or underway.


Example of the normal profile:

Id. NP CP NC CC(PP) ACS ACR A Birth Sex Script Zip code
#25 30 70 50 30 10 10 80 1950 F (1) 14 31046


ID. – any number, because the name of the customer should stay hidden.

Sex – as we shall see, the qualitative variables are transformed into congruence with quantitative: in the example, we post sex F) eminin = 1, M) asculin = 2, unidentified = 0, or 3.

Script – as we will see later, this is the main script, on which we will focus.


Zip code – zip code of place of birth. As we will see later, it will only serve for class details and the professional analyst should not receive it (at least initially).


Deviation – deviation can suddenly appear for various reasons. It is established only using  an anamnestic medical history. We give an example of deviation:

Deviations> 25/1/4 25/2/6 25/3/9 25/4/5 25/5/5
Games> 3- 4+ 6= 8- 7-

We repeat that this is an example, very changeable by the therapist.

For example, on the topic # 25 the first deviation (25/1) that appears is one we have ever rated as D4 deviation (for example and see on the next post the arguments). In the subject concerned, the deviation leads to  Game 3 played in mild form (sign –), while the second subject’s deviation was a number 6 (also found in our general data base) and leads to Game 4, played in very destructive form (+ sign).

We realize that some details were not discussed: we’ll do it later; they should nevertheless be familiar to the reader.

 The deviation, when it appears, consists for example in a scheme like the following:


Click to enlarge.

This is the deviation number 4, earlier hypothesized: the psychological path of the person concerned follows usually the red path. This is a non-traumatic passage (and acceptable) from one State to another of the ego. The therapist has established, however, that in the presence of Game 3, although at the lighter level, the scene changes and the subject changes also from upper left to lower right but following this time the blue path, with obvious catastrophe in the folding seat. This can, if necessary, start a new collection of figurines, increase a going one or end another one. Even the collection of figurines that can be created, can be coded as well, exiting in particular collections with few or with many figurines .

As you can see, we try to give the therapist (and others interested), a system that could be useful not only to interchange opinions with others technicians  or for statistical purposes (as we will see) but also to fully remind the therapist (himself) the subject’s psychic configuration: it is not always easy for a technician to make local mind on a subject (customer) not seen for months and months.

In the next writings we’ll see the systematic usage of statistical tables.

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