40 Toward quantitative variables on PAC

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Still, before resuming it to concerned readers, we show a path that will be followed to try to transform the quality model  in a quantity model of PAC.

After this introductory article and others, we will return to the previous arguments stopped.


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On the graphic, it lacks for now the Adapted Child

The Child has an energy equal to 300, and in the future for a normal personality, we will define as 100 for Parent, 100 for Adult and 100 for Child. We will have then, in principle, and subject to conditions, an energy osmosis from the Child to the other two states of the ego.

 The Child will also have an inner energy flow, especially in order to add energy to the Adapted Child, as we have seen from previous reads: this however will take place later.

The parent is, as we know, as follows:


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From the day of birth, the Child begins to give energy to the Parent, so when the process will be concluded we will have 150 Child energy and 150 energy for the Parent as well.

This process should end in the ninth month of age, when the process of Adult growth will start.
The theoretical case would have, at the age of nine months, the following distribution of energy: 

Natural Child 75
Creative Child (Little Professor) 75
Adapted Child (Submitted or Rebelling) 0

Total for Child


Nurturing Parent 75
Controlling Parent 75

Total for Parent


Adult (starting just now) 0

Total for the individual


 At this point a process begins which should lead, at the end of the twelfth year of age, to the following theoretical table: 

Natural Child 50
Creative Child (Little Professor) 50
Adapted Child (Submitted or Rebelling) 0

Total for Child


Nurturing Parent 50
Controlling Parent 50

Total for Parent


Adult 100

Total for the individual


 The age of nine months is where the Child starts (on average) walking and that date should give way to Adult formation.

Since then, begins the migration of energy to the Adult. You can calculate with elementary arithmetic monthly flows of energy to the theoretical model. These are very important for the recovery of irregular situations. Let us explain.

To go from 150 to 100, the Parent and the Adult have 135 months to transfer 50 unit of energy: these are is 50/135 = 0.37 units per month.

To give an idea of what we are exposing (of course this is only an introductory approach, not yet explored), suppose that at this time there is an excess of energy equal to 10 in the Controlling Parent, with the related distribution for the Child: 

Natural Child 45
Creative Child (Little Professor) 45
Adapted Child (Submitted or Rebelling) 10

Total for Child


Nurturing Parent 40
Controlling Parent 60

Total for Parent


Adult 90

Total for the individual


 To adjust energy flow, the therapy should not last for less than 0.37 = 10/27 months, this is because the transmigration of energy should not be expected in greater quantities to normal flow of 0.37 per month.

Note some comments:

1. the Adult has an energy equal to NC + CC (Natural Child + Creative Child).

2. the Parent cannot exceed 100, increasing Controlling Parent results ipso facto in a Nurturing Parent’s decline.

3. this mechanism decreases the energy available to the Adult (Adult weakened).

4. The preceding paragraph is confirmed by the fact that an amount of energy equal to 10 on the Child is actually harmful to the energy balance of the person (Adapted Child)

 These are preliminary remarks, but they should be a sufficient explanation to clarify our objective.





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