24 Donations Sphere: Credit Banks (7 out of 8)

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The Credit Banks Subdivision will be, like any other, completely independent from political power, as we are accustomed to see today in traditional Western society.

Credit Banks are not banks in the current sense of the term; they are rather offices where will target someone who intends to start a new business or to invest in a new initiative. The money for this initiative, will never lack and will not be denied if the application is approved in the manner expected. Who makes the claim must be in good standing with the citizenship (military service), have no criminal record and should not be touched by any other objective characteristics, characteristics which, in turn, should have an universal validity. For example, if you open a new business in a certain place, you must have a license that will attest that you can open such a business.

A separate declaration of knowledge must be made by the Council within the Subdivision related to the license of the person concerned. For example, the Subdivision of Commerce can say: “we have taken note that Mr. XY intends to open in Z, in the city of W, a business with a store of … category V, as he his enabled with ABNM122 license.” 

The Trade Subdivision may refuse the authorization, for example because there are too many shops of this kind (two bars in the same street, if they believe that this one can be a  reason for the refusal) or for other reasons, against which the person concerned may have recourse to a lack of objectivity.  Note that any refusal does not depend on the funding request. The potential investor has submitted an application for the opening of the store and that request could be rejected anyway, regardless of the funding request.

The Trade Subdivision will make the decision keeping  into account other decisions of the Joint Committee between the Economic Sphere and the Donations Sphere, for general planning purposes.  The investor may also ask to open the shop on condition that he will be sure of funding. In this case they will underwrite appropriate times.  The investor who does not ask for funding must still follow the same practices, except for the financing itself.

 It is important to note that great stores and supermarkets that are created to save money (they say) will not be favored, at least until there is room to shorten the commercial chain, to remain in the example.  In fact, we want to talk about the situation of absolute equality with equal merit.

You can create objective systems: a certain supermarket can be worth 1000 points from the point of view of Community interest. If the supermarket should replace stores that, taken together, should have a value for the community of 1100 points, you shall give the preference to the shops. This can also apply to the existing shops and supermarkets. In any case, you should revoke the licenses of those who are destined to close, giving them the standard time of ten years, extendable to 15 years in towns with less than x inhabitants.  We repeat again that, all those who take the decisions are empowered with mandatory rating systems we mentioned all over the blogs. The matter is very innovative and in the initial stages we will open in-depth discussions between all men of goodwill.

Returning to our example, the Credit Bank cannot reject the financing, because it won’t be a profit center, but a kind of ethical bank. And will not establish interest rates because interest rates  will not exist at all.  The Bank will agree with the re-entry plan, and moreover the Bank will suggest ways to use and will give to the investor all the informations useful to dissuade him.  The Bank will be able to put at the bottom of the document, for future memory, its approval or not. In case of non-approval, the Bank will be able to carry out an attempt at short streets reporting to the Subdivision that has sent the investor to ask for funding. In case the Subdivision will confirm, the Bank can only proceed with financing.

Once they have found the definitive agreement, the Bank will credit in favour of the investor some Investment Vouchers and write the related notes in its register of the emissions. The behavior of the Bank will be controlled by the Internal Council of Credit Banks, which in turn is controlled by the Internal Council of the Donations Sphere.  A scoring mechanism (positive or negative) will match the Credit Bank officials who have had the greatest success or a major failure. This will serve to increase in salary or to indent the party concerned in the 1% to be fired.

The investor has a month to spend the Investment Vouchers near an Issuing Bank (previously viewed), which will issue new money for delivery to the addressee, money with the space for the annual stamp (working tax, 5%?).  Many times we repeat things, to understand how we are proposing absolutely unusual points of view.  Of course, the investor may deposit money just issued to him at the Bank itself (the full name is in fact Circulating and Issues Bank) or other similar, where he prefer, which, on behalf of the depositor, at the end of the year, will affix the stamp of validity, cutting the current account.  For the latter reason, the original loan could be obtained fractionally. Upon expiration of the rate, the investor will bear the money to the Credit Bank, which will note the refund in its registry.

There are many observations that can be made: let us keep on inviting the general reader to reflect over the mechanisms discussed. If, as compared to current systems, these ideas will solve one, just only one of the existing problems, the matters exposed in this blog were not written in vain.

We will return to these topics.

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