23 Donations Sphere: Moral and Charitable Activities (6 out of 8)

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The Subdivision of Moral and Charitable Activities will be, like all others, completely independent from political power, as we are accustomed to see today in traditional Western society.


Note that  this Subdivision includes delicate Directions: for example, the Direction for the Research, Direction for Work Problems (no Trade Unions will exist) and Direction for Statistic Studies. These are just examples, to focus our intentions. Elsewhere, we had suggested to put the Statistics on Cultural Activities but we later decided to move them in this Subdivision, because it will become probably the freer and more independent. We will try to regroup in this Subdivision those types of Activities that will have as target  the future of our community.

The Research can have a myriad of Subdivisions, where the only constraint will be the costs. For example, the Direction of Health Researches, which in turn can be divided into many other under-directions. The Research is decided and programmed by the Internal Council for the Moral Activities. Since several industries (or farmers or dealers) may be interested in particular researches, the same can be agreed upon (behind detailed donations) from companies who will then have the privileges (but not actual patents) to use these researches they incurred with special donations. The agreements will take place with the External Council for Moral Activities, of which we will say more below. For example, the medicinal farms may have their own research for an antirheumatic, but can (possibly in conjunction with other) instruct the anti-viral Direction of Moral Activities for studies about the flu type next venture.

A company has, like all economic bodies, a 15% to reduce taxation, where the compulsory donation is  at its discretion. You may establish additional concessions for companies (or anyone else) who wants to fund research beyond the current limit of tax exemption.  Someone will decide then if, surpassing the 15%, the company may have partial or temporary privileges (or sponsorship) to use the same research or special additional tax or both previous entries and this according to the trend of the economy.

If someone will open a company for specialized research, no one can prevent it. Of course, the profits of that company, which will be in Industry and  Craft Subdivision, will be taxed normally. To avoid cartels, a company (and anyone else) can make donations only to approved entities that belong to the Sphere of Donations itself.  The External Council for Moral Activities arises as the interlocutor of the companies (and others) who wish to do Research or perform special statistics. This Council will target its domestic counterpart to discuss how (and whether) to insert these details required in Research projects or statistical studies already existing.

External Council will be the main partner of any relevant homologue institution from other countries and will also be the privileged interlocutor of companies from abroad, if they would use the advanced Research in public institutions of our new Republic.  The modern and futuristic structure of what we are proposing will have as one of its primary goals, if not the primary, the Research. Furthermore, distinctiveness of homo sapiens sapiens (among his other countless flaws …) is just that: INNOVATE to PROGRESS. The latter could be the motto of our researchers. And the symbol could be a Prometheus giving fire to the humanity.

We will certainly write again in this regard.


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