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We have reached the point of Education: to pass on our knowledge to future generations so they don’t have to rediscover something already discovered; in addition to developing on the new generations the ability to discover new things.

From what we just said, everybody should understand how the Education is actually the true size of a civilization, the dowry of relocating the past into the present and give it to the new generations, so that they transfer the matter in the future.

 Who can lead the Education? Who can make it effective and culturally relevant? Only the best ones. Those who are distinguished for their mental abilities, for their dedication, for their generosity.

 When a person creates, and maybe has a Nobel Prize award, his highest ambition is to pass on his knowledge.  How can a man survive if not broadcasting the treasure of his wisdom to future generations? Spirituality, but understood in practical sense, humanistic, enlightenment, not shaman and not witchcraft. No initiations allowed: here the science gives his hand to the spirituality, but in the sense of spirit, mind, intellect, something that sets us apart from brute existence.

 The statement must not only be the acme and, in turn, the Sphere that includes the Education (which we called the Donations but that we could define as the Spiritual Sphere), can only be the most important. The exponents of this Sphere must be the core of the new society and their men will be involved in decisions that are vital to the community. Terrible in their own righteousness will be the punishment for those who, in this Sphere, elevated to referee of the fate of the community, will betray his duties. All future community efforts should be oriented in this direction: to create a nucleus of men, resistant to every temptation and aware of their responsibilities.

 In the previous notes we exposed some points that involve the Sphere of Donations in its entirety: the Division of Education is perhaps the most important, not so much for the life of the present generation, but for the spiritual and cultural life of future generations. The sense of bewilderment that takes the new generations is inversely proportional to the pride in their own culture.  Of what should be proud today, those young people who will form the next generation?

Perhaps of politicians, which undoubtedly provide an image of seriousness and consistency? Where seriousness and coherence which, if in a country that goes to the brink doesn’t feel the need to step aside and recognize their inability?

 Perhaps the moral values that are highlighted by the television shows? The televisions are only interested to  the number of viewers.

 Perhaps because of the tax burden, which demonstrates how an exemption for money given to politicians is allowed in the measurement of two per thousand, but that similar figures for cancer research are viewed with contempt and cynicism? Must learn this?

 And what about the public men’s involvement with organized crime?

 There was nothing left to teach, except the following bad suggestion: think only of yourself, don’t stop on the street if you invest a poor wretch, the punishments will be ridiculous, if they will be applied … just a blunt stops…. Then, if you’re unlucky, a psychiatrist will find a reason for you to fulfil.

 Or maybe learn sociality by unions, where they consider only their percentages and that encourage enrollees who pay them a prebend at the expense of the unemployed?

 Or maybe they should be proud of Ministers who create hundreds of thousands of ‘no-wage no-pension’ guys and who are not (the Ministers: the guys are already punished) minimally penalised?

 Or Ministers who swore allegiance and commit acts unworthy, measures, after the oath aforesaid, constitute an offence even more hateful, i.e. high treason?

 Or made to do referenda, applied if agreed and not applied if they do not agree?

Or the Ministries of Agriculture, rejected by the referendum, which become casually Ministries for the Agricultural Resources?

 And schools: the public ones, should be in the hands of these people? And also transforming in private schools, how to think that things can change if not educating all so new for no less than three generations?  Let us prepare ourselves to a period of sacrifices, to change the heads, not just labels.

 What will be our Republic on the next fifty years? You should know right now, schedule it in advance, establish it as of now: education must be put into the hands of those who will work for this.   In fifty years, we will have a school that will teach you how to have the courage of your opinions, who will appreciate those who have certain values, which cannot be manipulated by politicians,

for the simple reason that politicians will not be able to have a rule on these matters.  But these values must and shall be known and shared. That is because the community has its own critical mass in about 5 million people, with an area of 25 or 30 thousand square kilometers.

 You may ask what connection there is between the various aspects of this exposition. Who did studies of antropologic geography knows that the structuring of a territory it is no coincidence; for example, the district seats are between them by 20 to 25 kilometers: time to go to the nearest seat and back home in half a day (some time ago, a day). The towns are approximately 12 km away from the district seat.

Culture, in an area like that and with approximately 5 million inhabitants, constitutes a strong nucleus. Do you want examples? The Basque country, Catalonia, the Veneto, Carinthia, Slovenia, Bohemia, Galicia, Scotland, the Baltic countries, Macedonia, Greece, Wallonia, Flanders, Finland, Norway and Montenegro are all examples where the inhabitants range from 3 to 5 million.

 Some cases (such as the Basque country and Montenegro) have indeed fewer inhabitants but the social nucleus exist however because of language and cultural and historical differences, that substitute to the fact that the inhabitants are less than expected. Similarly, if the cultural mood is really similar, people can  be twice as much.

 In short, over five million people, cultural differences are felt and you cannot have a State which claims, on 50 million inhabitants and more, to impose the same, also admitted that he wanted to become a State of the type that we are suggesting: too many are the differences and the populations don’t change.

 Italy, after 150 years, hasn’t accepted the idea that  there have been no changes.  Similarly, ridiculous is the claim (or dream or bad faith) of Germany to change the countries of southern Europe: they will be ever what they are. Germany should begin to realize, looking into its home, for example, when assessing the differences between Bavaria (which already has 12 million inhabitants) and the Ruhr (5 million). Bavaria, already established in a free State from 1946, where in its Constitution to denounce Nazi abuses, is a world in itself compared to the Ruhr: Bavaria is Catholic and the Bavarians are very much individualists of the Rhine, which already are Protestants and are closer to the Bavarians: the inhabitants of the Ruhr are further north and are even more different for the  culture and religion, as, again, the most distant of the Rhine by the Bavarians. And even for the language: for example, in Bavaria,  the Centre of the town is defined by the word ‘ zentrum ‘, in the Ruhr by the word ‘ stadtmitte ‘ and we could continue.

 As soon as they take over economic problems, Bavaria would seek independence, and  probably the Swabia (with capital Augsburg) that is now part of Bavaria, with other neighboring territories, would think of dividing itself in turn from Bavaria. Agricultural and cultural traditions of Swabia are different from historically commercial traditions of Bavaria, although now apparently industry exists mainly in Bavaria.

 In short, a series of geo-political unit, mono-cultural, sized roughly about 5 million inhabitants and about 25 thousand square kilometers, will be the backbone of the overcoming Europe.

 Education means to transmit to students something heard from teachers and there’s nothing more heard of themselves, of their culture, of their habits.

That’s why in a country of 60 million inhabitants, it is not possible that teachers move between different cultures, environments, such as from southern Italy to the North: confusing cultures, do not create a new national culture, and homogeneous, and osmotic, but something without meaning, some  abortions where nobody believes anything anymore for the simple reason that nothing has been hailed as a future culture. Therefore, in the absence of a target culture, fail even things to teach.

Again, therefore, private school? Not like could be a private school today.


The Sphere of Donations, through the Internal Education Council, will distribute to all those who have school-aged children, school vouchers. These vouchers will be spent by parents, at their discretion, at the best schools and the best teachers of these schools, with high scores, receive supplementary compensation based on the donations received by the Division and also will receive awards for their future career. Of course, the worst 1% will change jobs, as well as in other subdivisions.


We will add other notes on Education: afterwards.


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