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The Services Subdivision is very similar to that of Tourism: while in tourism are designed details and special educational courses to accommodate as best as possible visitors, in the considering Subdivision they there are not.

This sector in certainly among the most large and diverse, if not the most extensive and diversified. Suffice it to say that a company of port tugboats is ranked in this subdivision, as well as are the bodyguards, computing centres, taxis, and so on. A distinction, that should probably be done, is the one you might evaluate when looking at the question of the bid of the service. For example, you can distinguish between Services related to Private Demand and Citizenship services (names I don’t seem too good)

The Private Demand are those that, in theory (and sometimes in practice) may not have any user, such as Payrolls, Accounting Centers, a certain kind of Watchman, and so on. Simply, Accounting Centres can have many customers while others, for their failure, can not. Citizenship services are Tax Offices, Electricity Offices, Refuse, a different kind of Watchman, local police, public transportation and so on. These are the most important and must be organized on a local scale.

Internal Council for Services is probably the most important, or at least one of the most important among all the Councils. Necessarily, it must have Local Directions, all submitted to the Internal Services Council.  It is not the case to believe that one unique Refuse service can work nationwide. A complexity: the railways are to have a National Directorate of rail services that will take care of Fast long-distance Trains and a number of Local rail services Directorates, which will promote as much as possible the local responsibilities.

For example, the National Directorate of railway services, agreeing with the Sphere of Donations, will purchase wagons and generic travelling carriages, as well as railway stations. Some local firms will contract Local rail services and they will participate in the auctions for local transport. There will be of course very strict protocols to be followed and the control function will be entrusted to the Sphere of Donations.

Of course the 1% of the contracts will be dismantled every year, even if the contracts are multiannual programmes. Therefore the classifications must be objective and must be clear in order to have a few appeals to any bodies that judge. Even judges must submit to periodic elections or, where practicable, to a classification where the worst 1% will be eliminated. The Procurement System should be established for competitors in the electricity and for each citizen Service.

Where possible (Refuse) on penalization in the lists to get the worst 1% should be also included complaints and protests.  One case that could be studied is this: two local transport companies, where every one can use the services o f the better company, the more efficient: it won’t be easy but to think on, you do not spend much and you could bring a solution.

We would like to take this opportunity to point out that not only the Economic Sphere, but also in the Sphere of Donations (and also in the State Sphere!) we should have only people who can have a special profit if they engage in a special way. Although there is still the Minimum Wage (which can be reduced ad personam for lack of commitment), the satisfaction of having a recognition for his capabilities fielded is what makes change enormously the society as the present, transforming it into the society we are proposing. Workers who have no interest to highlight any improvements, middle managers irremovable … nightmare that tomorrow, without any satisfaction, will be equal to today … and so until his death. In truth, a society like ours where people have fixed income without any reasons, also works fine too: imagine what results might come from models like ours.

The compulsory dismissal of 1% means that the classification criteria for this purpose will be carefully investigated. This will be the most important aspect of new communities, because everyone must draw satisfaction from their job really concrete. The novelty, in practice, is all here, no more.

Also: not only the simple 1% of employees should be fired, but also the 1% of middle managers and 1% of executives. Not counting that bonus will not be allowed for the higher directors if non-operating results. Of course, some may say that this will cause some companies to exit from our reality. On the basis of the experience of who writes, whether certain banks were outputs from the United States when someone purposed to cut the administrators’ money, the consequences for the u.s. citizen would be, without a doubt, the best.

The writer had a financial forecast company: after seeing what had happened in the United States in 2007, it  convinced himself that for the next twenty-five years (the time to absorb the crisis as on  ‘ 29) there can be for everybody a nightmare only and in April 2008 he sold his company: The current Western society is based on the failure of the single, which is considered a milch cow, and therefore will have a difficult future. There is no hope. It is that of Cicero: “Carthago delenda est.”

We will demonstrate here that in the current setting of Western society there is a basic dishonesty that is, in turn,  based on people’s stupidity: when a bank goes wrong, it goes wrong because the system allows it. They say: “Too big to fail”. If the dishnonest leaders not agreed to scrub the poor bastards, they would give (all agree, of course …) the provisions whereby a bank cannot have, for example, more than 700 employees, or cannot have a turnover greater than x. But a provision of this kind will never, I say never, be taken into consideration so that, in twenty years, once finished (if it will finish) this crisis simultaneously the current playing Monopoly will end  and another one will suddenly begin, where the Victory Park is NOT extracted at random, but will remain in the savant hands.

The high international forums perfectly know out to exit the crisis, but do not want change and are instead studying the best way to tell the story of the bear to the ignorant people. With the Internet and other amenities alike, they have their hands somewhat tied. Carthago delenda est. Oswald Spengler, in the early years of the last century, in his “The decline of the West” was, unfortunately, very painstaking prophet.

The 1% required will evolve the society and, to be even more clear, anyone who wants to overturn those provisions, applying nepotism, barony and similar stuff, if found guilty will have a single punishment: the loss of citizenship and, in severe cases, even ostracism (forced exile). The dishonest should not be seen as a crafty, but for what it is: a stupid one.

The Socialist thought for years and years to replace the heads of companies putting the incapable public bureaucrats in place of the incapable individuals and, as we have seen, we did not go anywhere. They did not (nor able to propose) any other change.

During Stalinism, some American families could take Soviet silver to their liking, with the consent of the Soviet authorities, duly allegedly. One died in the Gulag, knowing such facts would be already too.

Not to mention the North Koreans who are sent to Siberia, in the mines, against their will, to pay the debts incurred by the North Korean regime with those tha have commanded and commands now in Siberia. If this is socialism… but if it happened e can say that it could happen and it means that those who thought such a system should not be put in a position to harm. This, which we are proposing, may be the way, or a way. Faced with cases like these we must also reflect on the death penalty. We’re talking about millions and millions of unfortunate people died between agony and we don’t even know why.

Says: “But the harsh penalties are not educative…” This is the usually “do-goodism”. The mobsters they put bombs to avoid the 41 bis article of the mafia law, considered too severe, otherwise they would have no care. The harsh penalties they work very well, and how.  Promulgate laws don’t say anything, are pieces of paper: that who counts are the laws really applied.

To what extent the prevailing “do-goodism” serves to relieve the pains of politicians possibly involved in Criminal Affairs?

We had fenomena where trade unions where paid by industrials to better exploiting the without espoir working class are well known, but this is not the place where we want to emphasize that. The Sphere of Donations, by means of its moral and ethical structures, carefully will ensure for the deep motivation of those working. And will be in turn controlled, at least for four or five centuries.

In Venice, they said: “Until the mouth of the secret denunciations (located in Palazzo Ducale) will provide anonymous accusations, obviously we will left it in its place. When the mouth will not provide more complaints secret, it will mean that the dishonest will be gone … but the mouth of the complaints will be obviously in its place: pointless wasting time and energy to remove it. ” And it’s still there… the problem is, in short, how to control the controllers.

The mouth almost always received complaints against the leaders, not fixed against the poor: for the latter, there have always been exemplary law … We only live once: we shall make sure ourselves that this life will not become a hell.


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