14 Economic Sphere: Trade (3 out of 6)

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The Subdivision Trade has the salient features of Agriculture, Industry and  Crafts.

There are the usual two tips for Internal and External Council for Trade. The Republic does not favour the big distribution and tends to shorten the chains as much as possible to reach  the final consumer, as explained in the article relating to Agriculture, with the criterion of maximum prices based on the Minimum Wage.

Trade also need a Certificate of Eligibility as all other economic activities: most of the problems of traditional human societies are in fact for the incompetence of the holder. Also for the trading company we have the policy of its value expressed in Minimum Wages, and also in Trade, in case of inheritance, the heirs shall be forwarded from the company for the value of 42 annuities of Minimum Wages. If the company is worth more, the heirs must contact the Credit Bank to have over funding, which may not be denied if the documentation is correct.

The not patented heir receives, as always, 42 years of Minimum Wages. On equal terms (regularity of license, citizenship etc.) the heirs have the pre-emption, as mentioned elsewhere.

As for industry, agriculture and crafts, the authorities can deny in a given area new authorisations for new activities, only for reasons of overcrowding. The Statistic Office of Cultural Activities (belonging to Donations Sphere) provides data related to the overcrowding. Obviously this does not apply to industries, which can very well be concentrated in a designated area (industrial). This being a schema, we can of course move the Statistics Office at some other Subdivision.

Trade authorities make a distinction between commercial activities and their professional licenses. A licensed person for a bread shop cannot ask automatically opening a camera shop, if not with a second professional license. People with multiple licenses can have multiple tasks and thus earn more money.

The limit of seven times the minimum wage is for those who are at fixed-income and not for those who have a business. The managers of a company, beeing at fixed income, can receive bonuses from owners only and not at the expense of minority shareholders. Any bonus from the budget must be approved by the annual general meeting of minority shareholders and countersigned by the Commission of Moral Activity.

Severe penalties are imposed for assumptions made for other than business interests and still unclear costs: a Commission composed of minority shareholders shall on this and remits the case to the Board of Trade. Trade Union activities there, as in all other subdivisions, are not allowed: their functions are carried out by Moral and Charitable Activities of the Sphere of Donations. Moral activities are protecting the moral and physical serenity of all those who work.

Particular attention should be given to activities that are at the boundary between trade and craftsmanship, where authorities will see the preference for the Crafts. For example, if there are several applications for the opening of new pubs and those who formulate their requests or trade licence, the authorities will prefer the craftsman. This is the case of ice-cream pubs where the trader who sells packaged ice creams will be never  preferred to the craftsman who manufactures the ice creams. The shop in question will be inserted in the Crafts and not in the Trade. For this purpose, there is a Special Joint Commission between Crafts and Trade. Uncertain cases will be resolved, and the appeals as well, by the Councils at the Economic Sphere.

There are no problems of taxation among Subdivisions, for the simple reason that taxation is the same for everyone.


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