09 State Sphere: Diplomacy (3 out of 5)

xStatale xFlagDiplomazia(Last edited 20130602 at 17:33)

For the moment, not much to say about diplomacy and possibly add something later if some specialist will give us a hand.

 We note that the eligibility criteria of Diplomats are analogous to criteria of judges.

 In particular: a six year term of Office, with possible re-election once, elected by the Economic Sphere with representatives from Banks of Circulating Money and Emission, as well as the Credit Banks.

 Every  Diplomat has a youthful alter ego in preparation. The junior also represents his senior in the various assemblies, if the senior is located abroad.

 The Council of the iInternal and External Diplomacy are similar to those of the Bureaucracy.

 We also note that, as with all other 18 Subdivisions of Three Spheres, all global world diplomacies should exchange experiences, meeting periodically, so aim for a diplomatic organization that has a common policy as much as possible.

Diplomacy is particularly suitable to spread the ideas of the Republic abroad and to prepare international meetings for all nineteen subdivisions.

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