10 State Sphere: Defense (4 out of 5)

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The Defense, as all sectors of the State Sphere, cannot decide on the Portfolio:

for the needs, we reiterate once again, decisions are to the Economic Sphere and to the Sphere of Donations. This is the only way to have really the new State at  the service of citizens and not vice versa.

The Defense is essentially this against other countries, although it deals with many things, among which we mention:

Firefighters, Police, National Police, Civil Protection, port authorities, Coast Guard, etc.

The duplication of the Police – National Police, created to prevent hegemonic positions, should not have more sense to exist, given the structure of the new Republic.

In addition, the Defense must be understood in a broad sense: the Civil Protection is also a type of Defense.

In practice, the Defense incorporates all those fellows that we are used to seeing in uniform.

The Fiscal Guard (or Finance Guard), although it is part of the Defense, has much stronger coordination with the Bureaucracy, for obvious reasons.  A doubt might be inserting the Fiscal Guard directly into the Bureaucracy, but doubts of this kind there will surely be many others.

 The only uniformed corps that are not part of the Defense are the Guards of the Environment (Foresters), which, as we shall see, will be part of the Sphere of Donations.

The Defence staff served three weeks a year from 25 to 56 years of age. Of course spell rotation. As with all nineteen existing Subdivisions, there is an Internal Defence Council and an External Defence Council. The criteria for nomination are as the Bureaucracy. Defence councils are very important, because they practically have in their ranks all citizens of the Republic.

Very important the External Council of Defense:  remember, in addition to the tasks it is also very  important to create relationships with similar External Defense tips from other countries. 

For the situations abroad, there are special Boundary Corps, which in addition to the boundaries and to the control of exiled guys, are a component of the missions abroad and it is in close contact with Diplomacy.

Even the Secret Service Corps of the Republic, while in close contact with Diplomacy, are controlled by a Secret Service Direction, nominated by heads of Defense for 20%,  by Economic Sphere for 30% and  by the  Sphere of Donations for the last 50%. In case of equal voting, the vote will be expressed by the President of the Republic.

The votes of the Secret Service are not publicized, but are nevertheless nominative, registered and recorded in two copies, one held by the President of the Republic and one by the Top of the Sphere  of Donations.

We will be adding other considerations in the future.

In a cake a thousand leaves, we’re seeing the same cake from a rather distant prospect: better informations can be given by specialists in each field.

The important thing, for now, is to share the spirit of these reflections.


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