03 Faith betrayed (part three).


  1. A consideration.
  2. The real issue on the table.
  3. Tourism managed by experts

1 – a consideration.

All in all, it was known that the Civil Code establishes the rules for the corporate budget, while the budget for the IRS was different …

This is the real problem: we’ve accepted. And not only us, but all of Western civilization as well as the Japanese. Then, there are those who’s better and who, like us, it’s not so much the better …

We have lost the feeling: it is not morally acceptable double business budget.

One who decided to write about the Civil Code that the company, in the distribution of profits, would be prudent?

Did you know that the IRS would not accept? What is the right balance? That proposed by the IRS, which ignores the dictates of prudence?
Then you shouldn’t be cautious?

For the moment just to say that there should be no rules or laws that contradict each other.

This happens because the IRS is hungry and the legislator doesn’t want to limit the tax gluttony. Otherwise he would have said: “The budget must put conservatively as determined by the Civil Code and any law to the contrary, in letter or in spirit, must be regarded as nothing.

Indeed, in a country’s Constitution should there be an article number zero that says: “This Republic will never accept contradictory laws. Every new law can be enacted only if it does not contradict existing laws. The Civil Code and the Penal Code regulate the protection of this article. “

We have an infinite number of read for a basic dishonesty.

2 – the real issue on the table.

The real problem is that Parliament should not legislate on these subjects, limiting only to international issues and the management of the judiciary. Parliament may ask only taxation on these two cited arguments, otherwise get the decisions of economic agencies and moral-cultural institutions.

Should be trade institutions and labour who take such decisions: only those institutions may decide, in their own interest, what are by charging fees to those who work, who produces and who trades. And most of the fees should be addressed in favour of cultural institutions, schools, research, healthcare, welfare, etc. There is no reason why we should politicians put the Bill, except for the reason that they are encouraging their patronage.

The professor who teaches the students the principles of economy, cannot explain that there are two budgets, a hypocrite and a fiscal conservative from heavy tax. His prestige, his spiritual strength will be thwarted, will remain, in this case, the worst professors (it happens, in fact) and students will understand that they are living in a country that is dishonest.

The politician cannot claim that students are smart when convenient and are stupid when convenient.

However, the situation has now reached the last terms and it seems that even the politician did not realize.

The current system cannot work, for the simple reason that a politician cannot be responsible for topics such as medicine, business, industry, military, tourism, entertainment, arts, social security, healthcare, international law, social order, family law, matrimonial law, television shows, theatre … should I continue? If you are proficient in all these matters, deserves certainly seven thousand euros gross per month. But it is not, and therefore deserves less.

Space in all these arguments only serves to increase the chances of patronage.

But that’s not all: every two years, to be generous, there are elections and get a new Mahajan which contradicts what has been done by the previous one, which has different interests, who was elected with a different policy, that international bodies undergoes different stresses …

In short, it is not a serious situation, and it seems that nobody has the solution.

3 – Tourism managed by experts

For tourism, with good political peace, there will be the elected bodies, which are always occupied.

These elected officials, to be elected, should have demonstrated skills, must have worked in tourism as low or intermediate force force for two years, for having achieved an internship and to see the problems in the real and theoretical perspective. The son of industrialist, although he graduated, is not always able to replace his father. This shows that a degree is not always enough.

Responsible for tourism will not be the politician who until yesterday it was busy lagoon-navigation.

These few points are sufficient to reflect thoroughly.


The restructuring of Pompeii is awarded to those who have done something (and successfully) in the tourism industry, not a politician. This someone must expose its plan, which will be accepted and ratified by the cultural, tourist organizations and intellectuals. I don’t see why there should be a politician.


Who has elected a politician, elected for Pompeii? The voter, in turn, who had expertise in archaeology, tourism or whatnot and knew of this political thing? Or was even elected politician from the party?


The money to Pompeii is printed by the banks under a special Decree of the moral and commercial entities, it is not a question of money, but real money that must match a product-increase tourism. The money should be returned with profit: “We approved your programme, you are awarded 100 million good-Pompeii you spend to build and enhance the area and receipts must be these and these: a cultural Commission checks if you’re behaving honestly.”


The European Union cannot and should not say anything in this context. Certain that if politicians have indebted the country squandering, are exiled and their property will be confiscated. Of course, the Pompeii must have the approval of moral and cultural institutions, where who’s boss will have in turn shown with bottom to know what he does. Or get the uncle nephew politician?


We can no longer fool around.


I was thinking to lease to Israel for Pompeii 99 years. Do you think we should? If the answer is Yes, then we no longer have anything to lose and we have to (more…) get us on their sleeves.


Of course, today we are light years away from these speeches. Port engineer’s example that constructs a bridge. After fifteen days the bridge collapses. Even the previously built the bridge had collapsed miserably: this engineer will not find a dog that you trust him.


Did not have a bridge model in his head and he failed his task: in the same way, our politicians and our civilization.


The politician is worse, but people being unable to judge, there is always the suspicion that is not his fault. Surely the fault lies in the system, never the individual.


The politician must not make mistakes, so as not to mistake the engineer. If it is responsible, it should be left to work and then, hopefully, will pay. We will have soon the following confession: “with the current system, we will do anything to stop us.” The same political will to realize that it takes expertise and clear ideas: but until now it has hoodwinked the fools and if he should be depended on for eternity, incredulous of what people lets do it.


You hear say in certain environments that politicians can’t leave the country in the hands of the rich. Very true: we must give the land to those who started from nothing and has proven to be able to do something. The latter, however, to survive, has to grease and oil.


We must destroy the oiling system and give the opportunity to those who are able to succeed honestly. The results will be. Until the banks lend money to their cronies, we will forward hardly. And the small do not pay anything, but not only because I believe in it but also because they know that, given the current system, most likely to emerge the newcomer must submit and participate in games shortly.


So far we have paid engineers that don’t know how to make bridges, or politicians who have not been able to build a country where now you can hardly remedy painlessly.


In the words of Cicero: “until when?”.


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