01 Faith betrayed (part one).

(edited on 20130731 at 17:37)
1 – Believe in the community.
2 – The good intentions of the policy.
3 – The contradictory reality.
4 – The adaptation of politicians.
5 – The disappointment.

1-believe in the community.

We come from a world where it counts much idealism. It counts so much that idealism itself is not abandoned, even in the face of the sunnier. The citizen of the last three centuries, say after the French Revolution, tends to dream a future, even if the evidence should lead to a diametrically opposite opinion.

The dream continues, and this is exploited by politicians and by mestatori.

2 – the good intentions of the policy.

In essence, Western civilization seems to believe in the three-fold Declaration of the French Revolution (Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité) but actually the big problem of this civilization are the obvious contradictions between the theoretical positions and practical positions.

Admitted that the legislator had good intentions, in fact has created a corpus of laws incredibly detached from reality and that they were necessary laws contradictory laws enacted so rhetorical.

We will see that these contradictory laws are meant to keep people from faith in institutions, faith betrayed by the legislature and then by politicians. It actually comes to the conclusion that it is, at best, a demagogic civilization; another possibility may be that we are only a mere semblance of civilization.

And we, at this point, an example for all, an illustrative example: the Italian civil code, about corporate budgets, argues that the administrator must have absolutely prudential policy.

The administrator must set aside profit quotas: the legislator itself, therefore, takes on the role of good family man; he invites the child to set aside shares administrator useful for possible future dark times. Edifying picture, where all contribute to peace in the future, where the legislature cares about the future of the company.

Soon after, the politician who had shown under the guise the lovely just illustrated, takes the robe that is most appropriate: disregard the moral aspects of the issue. In fact, the politician is in a cage, which in psychology is called DOUBLE BOND: on the one hand, there is the Civil Code which calls for prudence in the distribution of profits, on the other hand there are the hungry political needs. Solution: so much worse for the Civil Code! There will be a budget to be brought to court with compulsory set aside profits and there will be a fiscal budget where profits are taxed. Two budgets, then! A disgraceful contradiction and nobody talks about it. A serious civilization should not accept this state of affairs. The implications are in fact either:

We were wrong in the Civil Code. The future nobody cares and companies are shear ewes. So it’s a tacit invitation to survive by stealing, because provisions for future peace are, in fact, a ridiculous farce.

We were wrong with fiscal budget! Politicians must respect the Civil Code and cannot go further with balzelli unacceptable.

3-The contradictory reality.

ABout this solar contradiction, nobody cares. Still, all the problems we have are of this kind. Bombastic statements, terms used as irreversible, incorruptible, absolutely, claims that do not leave room for different opinions. It then collapses miserably in front of elementary considerations as those exposed. Instead of solving the problem drastically, leaving the contradiction: what is the right balance? If the right balance is the civil budget fiscal budget is an injustice unworthy. People who do not accept this injustice is healthy people which forms the backbone of honesty in the future. Those who accept the injustice are blockhead, or accept it only in appearance, having well thought to defend against this abuse of power with other dishonesty; in the latter case the morality of the country cannot avoid to be compromised.

4-the adaptation of politicians.

Politicians reacted without any reaction (oxymoron) , that is, they learned how to do. I invite readers to bring more examples of this double-game, which is the real scourge that afflicts us. Think well and we’ll see that you can bring all the problems in such premises.

5-The disappointment.

The new generations are studying the Civil Code and ask their Professor how shameful contradictory.

The Professor doesn’t know or doesn’t want to respond?

If answer seriously, should say to the young students that their faith has been betrayed even before they were born.

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